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Daaf Borren (1989) Writer, researcher in International Relations and former Africa-correspondent. 

After spending the greater part of his life abroad, Daaf studied International Relations (BA) and

International Security & Human Rights (MA) at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.


Next he worked as an investigative journalist and a humanitarian advisor respectively, whereafter he started his career as an independent correspondent and photographer. Ever since, he covered background stories in up to twenty countries across Africa, differing from Mali, South Sudan and Mozambique to Congo (DRC), Ethiopia and Mauritania. 

These days he is writing a (travel) book wherein he discusses how Africa's next generation challenges the status quo (for Pluim Publishing House).

In addition, Daaf assists organisations, institutions and companies as a research consultant and founded The Bright Continent, where he works with the next generation of African creatives and change makers.

His work can be found in Dutch, Belgian and international media (written, audio and visual). For lectures and panel discussions, please see below. 


Lectures & Panel Discussions

During his lectures, Daaf combines his academic background in International Relations with his experiences in the field and insights from his African peers. This offers a refreshing glance at a rapidly changing continent and helps to move away from vastly outdated stereotypes, enabling the audience to better comprehend contemporary Africa.


Among others, Daaf spoke at the Royal Tropical Institute and the Belgian Ministry of Defence, organized workshops for Doctors Without Borders and joined panel discussions at a non-fiction book fare and the Dutch Association for Journalists. Get in touch for inquiries about guest lectures, media-appearances or other related requests. 


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