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The Bright Continent

The Bright Continent

The Bright Continent aims to accommodate the vastly outdated approach of Africa as ‘hopeless’, to the inimitable developments currently taking place across the continent. Daaf founded the platform back in 2016 after he noticed that, apparently, the greater part of the world is unable to see that tragedy can walk side by side with rapid, unforeseen progress. 


As speaking in broad brushstroke terms about Africa compromises the incomparable diversity of a mighty continent, the platform aspires to present its audience with parts of Africa that are too often overlooked. The Bright Continent shares stories about day-to-day life, as much as it deals with the latest trends. It's about the ordinary as much as it discusses defiance of change makers.


While taking into account that you should not jump rashly from one-eyed Afro-pessimism to equally one-eyed Afro-optimism, it provides the next generation of African creatives a podium to demonstrate its talents while questioning the status quo. Varying from journalists and photographers to artists and youth leaders, The Bright Continent is home to those who inspire positive change.  

The Bright Continent

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